William Shatner : Star Trek memories UK version

William Shatner : Star Trek memories UK version

Do I have to introduce William Shatner, or Star Trek for that matter? Mister Shatner is a very funny man, with great wit and obviously quite bright. You sould read his stuff, if you don't buy this book, lend it from a friend or see if they have it at your local library. It's funny, well written, packed with great photo's and anecdotes. A great read and wonderfull antidote to every day's stress. Did I tell you this book also talks about that great sci-fi series Star Trek? ;-) Trekkies will be happy with the pictures and the great Star Trek anecdotes in this paper back.

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William Shatner (Star Trek)

STAR TREK MEMORIES by William Shatner

 William Shatner Star Trek book

Now that is something great to read

Star Trek memories

By William Shatner with Chris Kreshi

HarperCollins - United Kingdom

Language: English

Date: 1993

Size: 15 x 23 centimeters

Size: 6 x 9 inches

Pages: 306

Good to very good condition

Price: 11 Euro includes p&p shipping

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