Wicca Holidays 2020

Wiccan Holidays 2020

It can be quite annoying or rather dissapointing if you are in a city or country to find that most shops and official buildings are closed due to a bank holiday or public holiday... and you didn't know at forehand. Our huge list of countries with all their public holidays for 2016 will give you a helping hand! Use our data to plan your next cruise of trip or at least be prepared! We also included the religious holidays. Please take note that most shops are closed on Sundays in many countries. This list can also be very helpfull when planning a business trip, or a business call for that matter. Don't jump to conclusions when your business partner or new client doesn't answer the phone ;-) Have a look at our list first! ALso, when planning a short holiday, a weekend trip or that wonderful summer holiday: don't forget that banks and shops may be closed at the time of your stay. Don't spoil your ski holiday.Check here to avoid misery.

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Wiccan Holidays and Wicca Holy days in 2016

February 2 Imbolic (Candlemass - Northern Emisphere)

February 2 Lammas (Lughnasad First Harvest - Southern Emisphere)

March 20-21 Ostara (Spring Eqinox - Northern Emisphere)

March 20-21 Mabon - (Thanksgiving -Southern Emisphere)

April 23 Veteran's Wiccan Pentacle

April 30 - May 1 Beltane (Northern Emisphere)

April 30 - May 1 Samhain (Halloween - Southern Emisphere)

June 21 Litha - Solstice (Northern Emisphere)

June 21 Yule - Solstice (Christmas - Southern Emisphere)

August 1 Imbolic (Candlemass -Southern Emisphere)

August 1 Lammas (Lughnasad First Harvest - Northern Emisphere)

September 22-23 Mabon (Thanksgiving - Northern Emisphere)

September 22-23 Ostata (Thanksgiving - southern Emisphere)

October 31 Samhain (Halloween - Northern Emisphere)

October 31 Beltane (May Day - Southern Emisphere)

December 21-22 YULE - Winter Solstice (Christmas - Northern Emisphere)

December 21-22 Litha - Solstice (Southern Emisphere)

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