Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrities Birthdays

Today's celebrity birthdays:

This is fun. Would you like to know which celebrity's birthday it is today? Simple... we created this page to show all famous actors, actresses, singers, dancers, and so on that are born today (the day of your visit). Come back regularly to see who's birth-day it is 'today"...

List of celebrities birthdays

Alfred Nobel, Dynamite and the Nobel Prizes born in 1833

Guiseppe Giacosa, Italian playwright born in 1847

Dizzy Gilespie, American trompet player and band leader born in 1917

Manfred Mann, South African rockmusician born in 1940

Carrie Fisher, American Actress born in 1956

Jeremy Miller, American Actor born in 1976

Kim Kardashian, American Actress born in 1980