Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrities Birthdays

Today's celebrity birthdays:

This is fun. Would you like to know which celebrity's birthday it is today? Simple... we created this page to show all famous actors, actresses, singers, dancers, and so on that are born today (the day of your visit). Come back regularly to see who's birth-day it is 'today"...

List of celebrities birthdays

Johan Sebastian Bach, German composer born in 1685

Russ Meyer, American Film Director born in 1922

James Coco, American Actor born in 1929

Marie-Christine Barrault, French Actress born in 1944

Timothy Dalton, British Actor born in 1946

Gary Oldman, British Actor born in 1958

Matthew Broderick, American Actor born in 1962

Rosie O'Donnell, American Actress born in 1962

Rani Mukerji, Bollywood Actress born in 1978