Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrities Birthdays

Today's celebrity birthdays:

This is fun. Would you like to know which celebrity's birthday it is today? Simple... we created this page to show all famous actors, actresses, singers, dancers, and so on that are born today (the day of your visit). Come back regularly to see who's birth-day it is 'today"...

List of celebrities birthdays

Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, co-founder Pan-Am born in 1899

Sidney Poitier, American actor born in 1924

Robert Altman, American film director born in 1925

Nancy Wilson, American singer born in 1937

Peter Strauss, American Actor born in 1947

Ivana Trump, American business woman and ex Donald born in 1949

Walter Becker, American pop artist born in 1950

Anthony Head, British Actor born in 1954

Cindy Crawford, Fashion model - ex Richard Gere born in 1966

Andrew Shue, American Actor born in 1967

Lili Taylor, American Actress born in 1967

Kurt Cobain, American singer born in 1967

Brian Littrell, American singer born in 1975