Today in history

Today in history

Today's historical events:

Here you will find an overview of stuff that happened.. in history. Every first week of January we add significant events that occurred in the previous year. Our database of historical events contains more than ten thousand entries! Yep, a lot happened in the last thousands years ;-) And if you want to know the future, look at the past. Shirley sang it (it's all a bit of history repeating) and it's true, history does repeats itself. So sit back, relax and enjoy these memories of things in the past..

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1841 : John Hampton patents venetian blind

1972 : First hot air balloon flight over Alps

1991 : Communist coup is crushed in USSR in 2 days

1991 : Latvia declares it's independence from USSR

1996 : Netscape Browser 3.0 is released

2013 : 1,429 are killed in the Ghouta chemical attack during the Syrian Civil War

2014 : Researchers have designed a computer program that can accurately recognize users’ emotional states as much as 87% of the time