Today in history

Today in history

Today's historical events:

Here you will find an overview of stuff that happened.. in history. Every first week of January we add significant events that occurred in the previous year. Our database of historical events contains more than ten thousand entries! Yep, a lot happened in the last thousands years ;-) And if you want to know the future, look at the past. Shirley sang it (it's all a bit of history repeating) and it's true, history does repeats itself. So sit back, relax and enjoy these memories of things in the past..

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1835 : Charles Darwin & Mariano Gonzales meet at Portillo Pass

1917 : Russian Tsar family arrested and all belongings confiscated

1937 : Pope Pius XI publices encyclick divini redemptoris against communism

1952 : First reported rock and roll riot breaks out at Alan Freed's Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland, Ohio. Teenage excitement is blamed for the frenzy

1961 : The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club in Liverpool for the first time

1989 : Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' music video, taped in late December 1988, attracts criticism for its use of Catholic Church iconography and for the use of cross burning imagery, but also garners praise for its interpretation of discrimination, rape, and faith. Pepsi drops Madonna as a spokesperson out of fear the video will cause religious groups to boycott the company

1996 : Panic in the United Kingdom when the government admits link between mad cow disease and Creutzfeld-Jacob

2002 : Pope Johannes-Paulus II condems sexual activities by priests in his yearly letter

2006 : Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams found the popular social-networking service Twitter. They officially launch the site later in the year

2014 : Russia formally annexes Crimea after President Vladimir Putin signed a bill finalizing the annexation process

2016 : Barack Obama Visits Cuba and is the First President to Make the Journey in 88 Years

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