Hilarious pictures of squirrels on the wild 5

Hilarious pictures of squirrels on the wild

Some great, funny, hilarious pictures of squirrels.
Most people find squirrels rather cute. They like humans too, especially when they visit the park and bring along great things to eat. Most squirrels will eat right out og your hand. That is, take the food quickly out of your hand and then run away (most of the time not that far away) to eat peacefully what you just gave them. In return you will get a great view of these cute little creatures eating like it's their last day.

 Funny pictures of squirrels


 Cure little squirrel

Fist you take the slice of bread

 Cure little squirrel

You nibble a bit and turn it around

 Cure little squirrel

As you can see the heart is forming

 Cure little squirrel

Nibble a bit more and ... you've got a heart!

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