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Children's feet are smaller than adults, not reaching full size until the ages of 13 in girls and 15 in boys. There are correspondingly small sizes of shoes for them. In poor populations and tropical countries, children commonly go barefoot. A recent Cochrane Library systematic review includes 11 studies investigating the effects of children's footwear. Children wearing shoes were found to children walk faster by taking longer steps with greater ankle and knee motion and increased tibialis anterior activity. Shoes were also found to reduce foot motion and increase the support (weight-bearing) phases of the gait cycle. During running, shoes were found to reduce swing (non-weight-bearing) phase leg speed, attenuate some shock, and encourage a rearfoot strike pattern (source:

Girls shoe size conversions

Girls Shoe Size Conversion Table EUROPE/UK/USA/JAPAN

 Europe  25  UK  7.5  USA  8.5

 Europe  26  UK  8/8.5  USA  9/9.5

 Europe  27  UK  9/9.5  USA  10/10.5

 Europe  28  UK  10.5  USA  11.5

 Europe  29  UK  11  USA  12  Japan  16.5

 Europe  30  UK  11.5  USA  12.5  Japan  17

 Europe  31  UK  12/12.5  USA  13/13.5  Japan  17.5/18

 Europe  32  UK  13/13.5  USA  1/1.5  Japan  18.5

 Europe  33  UK  1/1.5  USA  2/2.5  Japan  19

 Europe  34  UK  2  USA  3/4  Japan  19.5/20

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