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Buy a good but cheap thermos (if you don't have one already) and pour freshly made coffee in it in the morning. It will stay warm all day and your coffee machine won't be on stand-by all day, saving on electricity. That adds up in a year though!

When we go to Christmas markets or any other outdoor venue, we will always get hungry after a while because of the smell of fresh hot dogs, hamburgers, and so on. That is why we always take along chips, cookies and coke. As soon as hunger strikes we eat a couple of cookies, or some chips and the hunger disappears. Same with drinks. This way the outdoor activity stays fun and inexpensive.

Careful with the cost of weekend trips. We used to go twice to London each year but that city can be quite expensive. Now we only go once and with half of the budget of the second London trip, we have an extra day in Paris. Great savings on weekend trips! We still do twice weekend trips per year, but save 25% on our budget. And Paris is fun too!

Here's an easy and simple money saver for your visitors: don't let anybody talk you into buying something. It will most of the time be expensive, but most of all: you don't really need it (or not right now at least). It's something the other guy or girl likes or wants to have (or he's after a commission)! I never let anybody talk me into buying something I didn't came up with myself. Saved me a lot of cash!

If you want to buy something new and it's not 'that' expensive.. consider buying it cash and not on credit. This will save you a lot of money. Interest is not cheap, especially for stuff you buy with your credit card. The banks don't always give you much interest on your savings but may charge a lot for your loans.

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