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Always close the gas fire immediately after cooking. We close immediately and don't spill a second of gas. In the course of a year that saves you a lot of money. We always thought it would be important to save on gas bills.

When certain food or drinks are on offer, we will always buy more. If possible (read the label!) we freeze it in. We made great savings this year!

Just if you turned off all lights before leaving the house. A simple but money saving tip. Always turn off the lights in rooms where you won't stay or come back to for a while. You will be amazed on how much money you save on your electricity bills.

We never throw away leftovers and will use them in soup the next day, or in a tortilla which is very nice. Saving on food is great because it's quite a chunk from our annual household budget. Throwing away food is wrong anyway.

I always put on a warm sweater and warm socks in the winter when I get home. Saves on the heating bill. A warm blanket while watching televion is cosy but also warm.

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