Free money saving tips 5

Free money saving tips 5

Money saving tips from our readers Part 5

Readers, visitors of the site started sending emails with their own tips and tricks to make (more) money or save money (and thus expanding the weekly or monthly budget). People who emailed their tips come from the US, France, Italy, the UK, Poland, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Holland. All I did here was copy & paste these emails. I noticed that many different people send in the same money saving tips. In these cases I copy & pasted the contents of the first sender of that tip. Please note that I am not happy with or agree with some of these tips, but fair is fair. Who am I to criticise or install sort of a censorship? If these things work for some people, our readers should know about them and decide for themselves if they want to try it or not. I for one don't agree that we should stop dining out, but hey, that's me. Some money saving suggestions were quite shocking, and many of them actually worked for me. I hope they will be useful for you too.

Compare the prices of gas and electricity suppliers and change supplier to save money. It is now very easy to change supplier. A great way to save money because energy bills are always very (too) high!

Holidays: nothing like a walk in the woods with the kids. Make it a game: let them find leaves of a certain tree, or go through small paths into the forest and play hide and seek or search for birds and other fun creatures (who's the first to spot a squirrel?) Very nice and quite a saving on the holiday budget or the expensive weekend trip. Quality time with the children as well. It's amazing how much you can do with the budget of only one weekend trip.

Close the shutters as soon as possible, providing tremendous savings on energy bills.

Did you know that a mobile phone charger has done it's job after two hours? Save money by pulling it out of the socket as soon as the phone is charged. Save money on electricity!

When buying new electrical stuff, search for the A labels (stating low energy consumption). Here you save tons of money on bills in the long run (if you really need to buy a new device, of course)

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