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With the latest tax increases by our beloved government we decided it was time to put some reality in our lives and simply save on our expenses. One thing we started doing is making nice gifts ourselves. The net is filled with thousand of great ideas for creating your own presents. One example: we knew about the 'sudden' interest for funk music of one of our friends, and scanned the internet for all sorts of information, tits and tats, pictures and so on about funk music. We sorted and compiled it, had the entire package printed out and bind in our local copy center. This was certainly not an expensive gift but extremely appreciated by our friend because he knew we had put quite some effort in it. This is just one example, there are literally thousands.

Gee, I have been saving money (saved tons of money) since three years, simply by occasionally using my common sense! It's as simple as can be: we don't buy furniture on credit, do not want the latest LCD television set because it's two inches bigger than the one we have, and we're satisfied with our DVD player which can't play (expensive) Blu-rays.. We never buy the latest products and really can wait a while before purchasing something with which we can impress our neighbors and friends. We used to do that and finally looked at a mountain of debt and expensive interest, from here to Hollywood. That time has passed, and now we save money by avoiding expensive credit and think for a moment before we buy new stuff. When we really need something we will buy it, but it won't be a new sofa every three years .. We have a fantastic TV with bright and sharp images which remains fantastic even if it's two years old. We are so much happier and don't have financial worries.

We cancelled our subscriptions to three magazines and a newspaper, which saved us a nice amount of money. We read everything on the internet or we get something to read from friends or neighbors. Obviously, we don't know which celebrity sneezed yesterday, but found out that we can live without that crucial information. OK, we still know which celebrity tripped a one red carpet or another by reading about it on the internet. Ha ha ha. The Internet gives you hours of reading if you want and it is the same as in print, but with solid! money savings.

We make our own birthday cards, but only with very nice pictures and drawings that we search and find on the Internet. Our friends always appreciate our cards very much because we have put some effort in it, and they're funny. We save a pretty penny since we started doing this and it's fun making cards with the entire family too.

Caution with buying books on the Internet. I bought two books on the net wanting a bargain and on arrival I had to find out that they were printed in dark gray, anthracite ink on light gray recycled paper, the paper they use for recycled paper notebooks (or notepads at 25 cents each). Naturally I was very disappointed (buy the way, whey were gifts). This would not have happened if I'd have had it in my hands in a shop. I would probably have bought something else, and not be so disappointed. Both books costed 38 Pounds, I could be wrong, but I have the feeling that there are people making huge fortunes with these reprints. A shame but lessons learned! It's better to visit a book shop is my motto now. Oh, and then there were two corners damaged because they'd put both books in a box which should carry six. Nice one!

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