Free money saving tips 3

Free money saving tips 3

Money saving tips from our readers Part 3

Readers, visitors of the site started sending emails with their own tips and tricks to make (more) money or save money (and thus expanding the weekly or monthly budget). People who emailed their tips come from the US, France, Italy, the UK, Poland, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Holland. All I did here was copy & paste these emails. I noticed that many different people send in the same money saving tips. In these cases I copy & pasted the contents of the first sender of that tip. Please note that I am not happy with or agree with some of these tips, but fair is fair. Who am I to criticise or install sort of a censorship? If these things work for some people, our readers should know about them and decide for themselves if they want to try it or not. I for one don't agree that we should stop dining out, but hey, that's me. Some money saving suggestions were quite shocking, and many of them actually worked for me. I hope they will be useful for you too.

If you would like to buy the cheapest products you will have to look what's on the bottom shelves. At the top shelves you may also find cheaper brands. In the middle you will always find the most expensive products in our supermarkets. I saved and keep saving much money this way.

Always buy vegetables that are typical of the season. They are always cheapest. Strawberries in winter are too expensive so it might be better to wait until the summer (unless you're a banker, of course).


CHEAP computing
I buy all my ink at web shops. I save on printer ink by comparing the different websites that sell ink. Search for cheap ink cartridges via Google or Yahoo and compare the different prizes for printer ink. PS: don't forget to also add eventual transport costs to the 'to be paid' price.

Do you really, really need to buy the newest or the fastest computer every two years? I used to think so, but eventually stopped and saved a lot of money. I save considerably on computers since I will only renew my infrastructure every five or six years. In my case that was quite easy, because my latest computer was already quite a performer (processor and internal memory) which is perfect for me (I use the PC for a couple of small programs, the internet and some word processing). My latest addition was a second hand scanner. Works great and was very cheap.

SAVE ON gifts
We have been saving much money on gifts since many years! We buy our birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and anniversary gifts during the course of the year. We're especially on the lookout for rebates, price reductions, promotions or end of stock sales. We've been increasing our household budget by hundreds. Do not wait until a week before Christmas to shop because you will pay so much more. Saving money is relatively easy.. always keep your eyes open for bargains (during the year).

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