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Is buying that new car right now really necessary? Maybe you have (at least) one more year to drive your current vehicle? You will save hugely on car loans and interest. I started buying used cars (recent) a couple of years ago and saved immensely on loans (smaller loans). Compare car loans to get the best deal: many manufacturers offer cheap car loans, cheaper than your local bank. Compare and win is my motto.

This tip isn't for everyone, but you can save a lot on television cost by installing a satellite dish and receiver. This requires a small investment, but if you have a TV with DVBT receiver (tuner) you can still see local television stations that might not be available on satellite. You'll gain probably hundreds of free channels with your satellite dish. This tip might be interesting for those that have cable and watch TV with a monthly subscription to the cable company. With satellite you will save each year and you have the satellite investment back very quickly. Cable offered some channels we don't receive anymore, but that was quickly forgotten since we gained +300 channels. PS: we also watch certain channels on the internet, works great.

A crazy tip for your readers: always have a look at your bill when you have paid your purchases. It happens more often than you think that the cashier makes a mistake. I've been saving many pennies just by checking my voucher, bill, etc.! Don't underestimate what savings you can make in an entire year.

I always make a list of the products that I need or want to buy and therefore save a lot of money. My husband made an excel sheet in which he write down what we spend on food and believe it or not, but since we started working with lists, spending declined with 34.15 percent over a three month period! Save money just by writing down what you really need, and then stick to that list. Savings guaranteed, really. I also write the list of things I need on the back of used envelopes and save on paper as well. Every penny counts.

Many supermarkets give huge reductions in the evenings on food that will expire in one or two days. That's the time to decide what you will be eating that evening or the following day. Even if I don't feel like eating it right away, I cook or bake it in the evening and put it in the fridge for in a few days. My budget for food is seriously reduced and the food is great. That is my tip on saving money on food.

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