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Readers, visitors of the site started sending emails with their own tips and tricks to make (more) money or save money (and thus expanding the weekly or monthly budget). People who emailed their tips come from the US, France, Italy, the UK, Poland, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Holland. All I did here was copy & paste these emails. I noticed that many different people send in the same money saving tips. In these cases I copy & pasted the contents of the first sender of that tip. Please note that I am not happy with or agree with some of these tips, but fair is fair. Who am I to criticise or install sort of a censorship? If these things work for some people, our readers should know about them and decide for themselves if they want to try it or not. I for one don't agree that we should stop dining out, but hey, that's me. Some money saving suggestions were quite shocking, and many of them actually worked for me. I hope they will be useful for you too.


...your tips are very straightforward, and the article on insurance made me think. By asking several quotes for my home insurance I saved $ 75,00 this year. Simple but effective! Thank you very much. Mike R., Detroit

By comparing hotel rates online I saved 100 Pounds on my last trip. Thank you for the tip! David G., Essex (UK)

I got a better rate for my house loan by comparing mortgage rates online. I am ever so grateful. Donna R., Liverpool (UK)

With only three car insurance price quotes and fifteen minutes of my spare time I saved $ 68.OO on my car insurance (which means I was paid $ 272,00 an hour). Not bad. Thanks. Don O., Boston

Right after the second insurance quote I smelt gold. Two free quotes further I saved a whopping 12% on my previous life insurance. I can't thank you enough. D.M., Blackpool (UK)

I hear all these stories about people switching banks for cheaper mortgage but never felt the urge to do something about it. And then I read your tips and for one reason or the other decided to try it out. I went online and my mortgage dropped significantly! Thank you so much. Elisabeth K., Ealing (UK)

SAVE ON SMOKING Stop smoking. Easy to say or write isn't it? My wife and I have been saving 3.000 Pounds per year since we stopped two years ago. Our holidays are free now ;-) Tip 2: buy your cigarettes in a country where they are cheaper (if you can, obviously). Make a budget for smoking and really stick to it (no, really!).

We used to dine out once a week. Now we go to a nice but not so expensive restaurant once a month. We save a lot of money that way. Instead of going to a restaurant with them, we invite our friends to our home and ask them to bring along ingredients or wine. Every week another couple will cook (with or without help from others) and we have a great time! The money we saved is added to our normal budget. Huge savings and still very enjoyable evenings, believe me!

Being real movie buffs we used to go to the pictures twice a week. We reduced this huge cost by renting our films at the local library. In our city renting DVD's is free! Now we don't watch the most recent movies anymore, but once every three months we go to a small, local (and cheaper) theatre to watch what we call 'very special pictures' such as The Hobbit for example. You won't believe how much money we saved this way! We keep up to date on movie news by watching trailers on the internet or reading about them in a free newspaper. We save even more money since we don't eat outside before going to the pictures or have a drink afterwards. Not to mention the cost of popcorn and drinks at those places. Huge savings and we still watch a whole lot of movies and have a great time.

Have a good look around and search for the cheapest petrol or diesel in your neighborhood. Nobody likes to pay (much) for their fuel and you can save a lot by looking for the cheapest fuel suppliers. Search the net: many countries have websites that list all petrol stations in your part of the woods with their current up to date prices. Note that it would be wise not to drive 40 miles to save 3 bucks. Ha ha.

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