We have a specific Psion USB to RS232 cable page, and this is a page about a more recent - modern device to hook our Psion to a PC. Many people wrote to say they had difficulties with connecting their USB to RS232 cable as soon as they switched to Win7 or Win10. I had the same experiences actually.. My cable worked fine on my WinXP machine but unfortunately gave up as soon as I switched to Win7. Luckely I came across the usb to RS232 stick... This convertor (is it really a convertor? Well, I guess so), works great out of the box!

Psion RS232 to USB stick at

Psion USB to RS232 stick at

I paid mine about $ 10.00 and Psion users told me recently they bought theirs for between 8 and 15 dollars. Obviously you are wondering wehere you can get yours. Well, I have no idea and can't simply guarantee that you will find one (apparantly they stopped manufacturing them??) but quite recently a Psion fan told me he found several sticks on Ebay. So give it a try and chances are really high you will find one...

Psion RS232 to USB stick at

The manual is so simple, they forgot to add one :-) Well, just plug the USB stick in the, erh, USB port. Then stick the RS232 female connector from your Psion Link cable to the male RS232 part of the USB to RS232 stick. Actually, I plug in my Psion cable first and THEN plug the USB part in the USB port. Launch the Psion software on your winbox and your Psion machine should be found. At least, that's exactly how it works at my end.

Psion RS232 to USB stick at

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