Psion software installation help

If you try to install a Psion program via a compact flash memory card and it doens't work... did you try to install any other program via the compact flash memory card and did that work? If you didn't try to install another program you should do that first. It can be any program, but it would be safe to install a small, simple program, just for testing purposes. If that works, then there is nothing wrong with your procedure (putting the program on the flash memory card first). If that doesn't work you should consider buying a cable via Ebay or Amazon for example. There is more info on that on this website.

Another hint I could give you is to visit one of these sites. In the past I did send several Psion users over there and I always heard they had success in obtaining an answer to their problem/question.

F O R U M :

FileSaveAs FORUM

Microsoft FORUM



I also have some general information on installing programs on the Psion (I installed all my programs via Psiwin):
How to Install
If your Psion is connected to a Windows computer via EpocConnect or PsiWin 2.1 and later, you can usually just double click a .sis file. The program will be installed over the serial link.
If you transfer the .sis file to a Psion via IrDA or Compact Flash, or download it from the internet using a Psion, you can just double tap the .sis file in the Psion. Or you can open the Control Panel, and use the Add New option.
A few programs install better direct on the Psion. If you ever have problems starting a program installed via PsiWin, transfer the .sis file to the Psion instead, and run it on the Psion.

Residual .sis file stubs are created in the system\install folder during installation. They provide information for the control panel list of installed programs, and information for safely removing applications. Do not delete them manually.
If a program fails to fully install, it will be marked /partial/ in the control panel list of installed applications. Removal and reinstall is recommended.

Older Programs
Older programs may have to be added manually if no .sis file is provided. Follow the author's directions. If there are no instructions, try making a new folder in the System\Apps directory under the name of the program, and put all the program files in that. Data files should however not be kept in the system folders.
You can also download the Psion 5mx manual from our site:

Psion 5mx UK manual

Hope this helps!