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Unfortunately I won't be able to update this page every week or so... simply because there isn't that much 'news' or 'gossip' around these days about our beloved machines... but I will do my best and add something as soon as I've seen or heard it ;-)

Since I had some trouble finding the correct driver, I put up a page where you can download my working driver and I also added a little page with some pictures regarding the usb-rs232 cable in case you might be interested in obtaining one yourselves. No, I don't sell them; I just put up this page and driver to help out other Psion fans. In the meanwhile... here's some more Psion related stuff you might enjoy.

Psion News August 2022

I stumbled upon this page that says Guess who’s back... my Psion Series 5 PDA is back! A review of sorts... written in 2021! Just CLICK HERE to visit.

Psion News October 2021

I added two new vintage Psion ads! I also added the psion 3A manual (English) and a direct download Psion freeware and shareware CD.

Psion News September 2021

I added pictures from several original Psion boxes (you know, the carton box you took home after buying your brand new Psion). Included: Psion 3a, Psion 3c, Psion 5mx, Psion Revo, Psion Revo Plus and Winbox.

Psion News March 2021

We added a download link to Psion chess for DOS, the Atari ST and Mac computers. Yes, Psion released a chess game many moons ago for these machines. And you can download it right here from our website. We also added the manual for each machine (in the zip file).

Psion News June 2020

I added two pictures with original vintage French and Dutch Psion ads. The French one is for the Psion organiser II and the Dutch one is for the Psion 3a.

Psion News November 2019

Several Psion users asked for advice about installing software on their 3MX or 5MX machines. I thought it might be a good idea to put that correspondence online as well. You can find this new addition to the menu under the name 'Software install help'.

Psion News March 2017

The original Psion designers have returned to put the classic British pocket computer in a modern body. Martin Riddiford, the designer of the Psion Series 3 and Series 5 keyboards, and co-founder of Therefore, has come up with an entirely new design for the 21st Century. Patents were filed today, and the venture codenamed “Gemini” has launched on Indiegogo. Therefore co-founder Jim Fullalove explained to us: “It’s a modern 64GB smartphone feature set, but with a beautiful new full travel compressible keyboard from Martin. The keyboard compresses under a magnetic spring force.” A new venture backed called Planet Computing is behind the new device, led by Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel, a well known software author in the Sinclair era, and backed by Therefore, amongst others. The team will be using Indiegogo to help fund the project. Gemini will be dual platform with Linux and Android supported. But future variants may take it in other directions.

Psion News September 2016

Rather by accident we stumbled upon a bunch of Psion leaflets and magazines in the .epub format. We hope that Psion enthusiasts will appreciate these original and fun antiques ;-) And yes, it's fun to read these publications today, so many years after they were originally released. Imagine the Psion users from way back that enjoyed them probably less than we enjoy them today!

Psion News January 2014

We receive a lot of mails from Psion users from allover the world. Some are die hard fans who bought their machines when they first came on the market, but more and more people only started using their Psion's recently, when they bought a second hand machine via the internet. Ebay seems to be a good place to buy 2nd hand Psions. Some local sites such as seems to do the trick too. We receive requests for links as well. Just added one. It looks like the Psion is here to stay! Let's be honest, they're great machines!

Psion News May 2012

We added a couple of new Psion pages. Have a look... it's all about the Y2K compliant statement from Psion, the original box in which the Psion 3mx was shipped and the contents of such an original Psion box.
I just bought a second 3mx. Why? simple: it was a bargain at 40 Euro since the machine is absolutely brand new. I received it in it's original sealed box. It's great to buy a Psion 3mx in 2007 that has never been used (I also received the original warranty papers et all). A couple of my friends have bought their Psion's second hand too, and they never got a box or anything, so I thought it might be a good idea to take some pictures of an original box and put them on the site. This gives owners of 'only the machine' (which suits them fine, I know, and they're right) an opportunity to see what it would have looked like if they had bought their machine in a shop years ago.

Psion News December 2010

Just read this at the Octopus Systems site... they're still huge fans, that's for sure :-)
-BEGIN QUOTE- Please note that we no longer sell Psion products although we would still recommend them as the best palmtops available. They are fast, easy to use and very powerful and the battery life is superb, thanks to the mono screen. -END QUOTE-

Psion News July 2008

There's a new PDA on the market, the PsiXpda! New? Doesn't it look exactly like the Psion 5MX... wait a minute... This is what the information sheet says: Free your time and work effortlessly with Epoc, and with no IT requirements PsiXpda is yours to pick up and go. Instant on, instant data access, whether you're the individual running a small enterprise or the individual in charge of a global corporation, PsiXpda gives complete reliability and productivity. With PsiXpda in your pocket you can travel without your IT department. To power a PsiXpda all you need is two AA alkaline batteries and you are connected for up to one-month. All sounds familiar doesn't it? PsiXpda features a full keyboard, a touch sensitive backlight LCD and a CF slot for extra memories and Games. PsiXpda is built around Epoc (32-bit multitasking system) and comes complete with built in word processing, spreadsheet, agenda and contact data base software. PsiXpda is compatible with Microsoft. Again... quite familiar. And then I looked at the pictures... Isn't this wonderful? The 5MX is back! And they're manufactured in 2005... by UK company POS Ltd...

Psion News December 2006

We just learned that the Psion 5 can be turned into a Linux PDA. Wow. We quickly added a link and a Linux page to our Psion pages.

Psion News October 2004

It's 2004. Yes: and we just learned that Psion 5MX pro machines are manufactured again! You don't have to believe us, but it's true anyway. The press release goes as follows:
32mb RAM 5mx Pros are being re-manufactured in the UK and will carry a 6 month warranty. Our customers are constantly expressing their desire to obtain a Psion, and so we are pleased to be able to produce limited numbers of newly built machines from original new Psion parts in a purpose factory in Croydon in conjunction with the Psion authorised repair centre.
Now how about that?? Isn't that incredible. Talking about a revival. What is the reason?
the battery life?,
the fact that one can change the two AA batteries himself?,
the keyboard?, that this machine is not a PDA but actually a mini-notebook?, the great built in software?,... who can tell?