Linux OS for the Psion PDA

We learned that there's a project called Openpsion, aiming to change your Psion 5 machine into a Linux PDA.

We read: Openpsion (formerly psilinux) is a project to port the unix-like operating system Linux to a group of palmtops produced by Psion and related machines such as the Geofox One. At present, working linux systems can be installed on any of the Series 5, Series 5MX, Series 5MX-Pro, Revo (Revo+, Mako) machines (NOT the Series 3). Linux on the Series 7/netBook is rudimentarily working. A base state of Debian Woody is also available for the 5MX. You can browse the Debian packages, and conveniently download binary packages (*.deb files) for ARM cpu at Debian Stable Packages (or use "testing" or "unstable") at the Openpsion site.

Want to read more? Interested? Here's the link:


Just in case it would get lost on the web, I also put a copy of the 5mx linux PDF on our website. You can download it here:

Psion 5mx linux PDF

Another Linux related webpage... called Kludged Linux, A linux distribution for the Psion 5mx:


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