Psion links

The Psion world-wide internet links

Unfortunately there are not that many Psion pages left on the we-we-we :-) But I did find some. Here they are:

Java Psion Link

Java Psion Link (JPL), is intended to be a cross-platform solution for transferring files between Psion Epoc PDAs (netBook, series 7, 5Mx, revo) and any computer with a serial port and the ability to run java.

Bioeddie's Psion blog

Bioeddie's Psion Pages...

FileSaveAs Psion pages

File Save As - Mobile Tech, Smartphone and Gadget Advice for the UK - has several great Psion related pages

The Psion documentation project

Home of The Psion documentation project

Javascript Psion emulator

Emulates almost any model of Psion II, with packs and snapshot functionality.

Connecting Psion to Linux

Connecting Psion palmtop (either Series 3 or Series 5) to a Linux-based PC without using CF card. Just a PC-Link cable.

And this is an amazing link to an amazing project called The Psion Bluetooth Keyboard project. Interested? I thought so :-) Here's the link:

The Psion bluetooth keyboard project