Interview with former Psion CEO Alistair Crawford

Short interview with Alistair Crawford, former, but at the time of this interview, Chief Executive, Psion PLC and Psion Teklogix Inc. Alistair Crawford (1953), joined Psion in September 2003. He has spent his entire 28 year career in the computer and high technology industry. During the last twelve years he has worked at chief executive level, leading large organisations (including CSC Computer Sciences in the UK, Oracle's European Consulting and most recently CMG plc) which have been delivering complex systems solutions. As Chief Executive of CMG plc he was particularly focused on products and services for mobile telephone operators. Alistair also sits as a Director on the Symbian Supervisory Board. Mr. Crawford is a very busy man. But we still could ask him a couple of PDA related question on his return from China (December 2004).

Are you aware of the Psion PDA hype? What do you think about that hype, and did you know that a manufacturing plant in Croydon is producing newly built Psion 5mx Pro's?

>Well, I'm afraid I have no comments on that

Have you ever worked with a Psion 5 or other PDA's ?

>I have been in IT since 1979 and have always been an enthusiastic user of whatever is the most up-to-date technology. That was originally PCs then laptops and when PDAs were introduced I bought a variety of them - including Psion 5 and Revo, then Trium phone with Pocket PC and most recently Symbian phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Which brand and model PDA do you use daily and what for?

>My current device is a Sony Ericsson P900 that I have had since they were first launched, but I also use a Blackberry for company email as it is more secure. Since I have worked for big companies over the past 15 years, good synch with corporate systems has been a priority for me. As CEO of CMG plc I was of course immersed in the evolution of SMS and then 3G so I also appreciate the value of those technologies - text and photo messaging are very useful to a regular traveller.

Tell us a little bit about Psion and it's activities in 2004-06

>The goals and ambitions of Psion plc are laid out clearly in our annual report, half-year statement and current press releases. These will tell your community about our business focus. You can find a copy at

Thank you very much for this interview!

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