Psion freeware and shareware CD

In case you like what we're doing here and you would like to support us.. buy us a coffee... Thanks! ;-) Since I strongly believe in "giving is receiving" I'd love to give you a Psion 5mx freeware & shareware CD as a return gift. I really do hope to do you a favour by making this collection available via digital download.

Full name: Panasix Psion software CD v1.4 - Software for the Psion 5 and 5mx PDA's
Contains: 1200 Psion 5 programs, 400 psion 5 utilities, 100 Psion 5 games, all Psiwin versions, Psion 5 emulator, and so on... These are now very hard to find programs, some dating back to the early 90's (and still doing a nifty job!!), but there is also a lot of more recent stuff (up to 2001). My personal Psion is packed with great utilities and games, and everything came from this fine CD. Scroll down and click on the Psion 5 software CD contents button to see the contents of the disc.

A digital download will set you back 6 (six) Euro. That's two cups of coffee or a nice contribution. Thank you!!! Please take note that in case you are only interested in one or two programs and cash is a bit tight you should drop me a line (via the contact page) and tell me which programs you want. I will email them to you for free (really, you're welcome!).

You can pay with a creditcard or PayPal. I will send you the download link and password within 48 hours (normally it will be rather within a couple of hours, but just to be sure I prefer to promise "within 48 hours", and yep I'm just a one man band ;-)

Psion 5 software CD contents

Price : 6 Euro of 7 Dollar with digital download

This Psion freeware CD contains more than 1200 Psion 5 programs of which many are very hard to find. It also contains 400 psion 5 utilities which are great and more than 100 Psion 5 games and Psion 5mx games which are also rather difficult to find these days. Playing games on your Psion 5 can be great fun! This Psion 5 freeware collection also has the Psiwin programs, starting at version 1.1 up to the last version 2.3.3 This Psion software CD contains these version is many different languages. As a bonus the manufacturer of this Psion CD added a Psion 5 emulator for Windows.