The Psion 3 FAQ


Psion, in their great generosity, have released their Psion emulator for the Series 3 and later on for the Series 3a. This is a PC product. Also please note that it is completely *unsupported* by Psion and do not ask them for new versions, other platforms, etc... I think that it was quite nice of them to offer their users (and potential users) such a nice tool. We wouldn't want it to stop, would we? The files are available as usual in the IC archive in the development directory.

7.1 Limitations & bugs

The following limitations & bugs were reported:

The keyboard is only "British" and doesn't accept your regular keyboard map (either use one of the techniques described in the 'Can I change the keyboard?' section or see below for a more permanent way around this problem);
No sound;
The system screen "loses" your configuration each time you launch the emulator;
It only works in DOS with 4Mb RAM and at least a 386 processor;
Caps lock works but doesn't show the symbol like on a real Psion;
Shift diamond key doesn't work.

7.2 Tips & tricks

Alt+Ctrl+shift+S makes a screen snapshot and automatically increases the screen number in the file (unlike the real Psion);

Alt+Ctrl+shift+C shows some memory parameters (useful for development);

Ins key on the numeric keypad (0 key) switches between applications like Shift-System button on the real Psion;

If you replace the 480 by 160 in the "HHSERV.PAR" file by 640 by 480, you will get a complete screen on your PC.

7.3 Changing permanently the keyboard mapping (by Uwe Kallmeyer)

The keyboard map is held internally in the file "EPOC.DLL". You must thus patch this file to suit your own keyboard. It contains three tables, one for Psion/Ctrl keys, one for shifted keys and one for normal keys. These tables start at locations (for the file dated 4.12.94, size 94736):
Psion/Ctrl - $35D8
Shift - $33D8
Normal - $32D8

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