The Psion 3 FAQ


5.1 Relevant FTP sites

5.1.1 Imperial College

The first biggest Internet Psion archive started in the UK, at Imperial College (IC). The relevant files are under /packages/psion/icdoc. You can also reach this site through your WWW browser

The archive is administered by Lee McLoughlin:

Lee McLoughlin
Dept of Computing, Imperial College,
180 Queens Gate, London, SW7 2BZ, UK.

There is a mirror of IC for the USA

5.1.2 Frontiernet

IC being a little slow to get updated (see later), in November 1995, a new site has come to life with the help of Steve Litchfield who generously donated a complete set of his 3-Lib library. It is reachable. The site is being maintained by Fric.

The site is located in Rochester, NY, USA (GMT-5). This makes it a lot harder to reach than IC and transfer rates are *a lot* slower for Europeans. It also has a very low anonymous users limit (IMHO) which can get quite annoying at times (although the limit should raise to 100 users in the near future...), but well, you can't have everything...

Finally, there is also another known site which has some Psion software.

5.2 How can I upload my software to IC?

You have to FTP it into the incoming directory and mail Lee McLoughlin a note about your program and a one line description. He will be transfering your program to the relevent directory *manually*.

5.3 I've uploaded my software to IC, but it still doesn't appear, why?

The problem is that although Lee is a very nice person, he is also a very busy one. Don't forget that he does this in his spare time, thus it is not high on his priority list! All you can do is be patient...

5.4 How can I upload my software to Frontiernet?

Place your software in the /incoming directory with a short accompanying description. Fric should take care of it fairly quickly.

5.5 WWW internet sites

A lot of Psion pages have appeared on the World Wide Web and you might like to check these out (no garantees):

(DP:IMHO, the best)
(Psionics files are here!)

5.6 Shareware for those without online access

Removed for obvious reasons...

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