When I saw a USB to RS232 port cable up for grabs at a website I immediatly saw the great potential of such a device for my Psion 3MX and Psion 5MX machines! Actually, it had been ages since I connected my beloved machines to a PC. The cable arrived rather quickly and the package included a small CD with drivers. The only problem was that the drivers didn't work with my PC. The machine couldn't/wouldn't recognize the RS232 (com) port. So I did what everybody does (I presume) and went on a hectic search on the net. I downloaded tens of drivers but nothing seemed to work. Finally I stumbled upon a driver (I don't recall where I found it, probably a forum) which I tried... and it worked right away!

Driver for the Psion cable to connect the RS232 port to USB at

So as a service to my fellow Psion adepts, I am putting this driver available for direct download on this page. Do bear in mind that you should not download/try/install this driver if the one that came with your USB-RS232 cable works! You should only consider to download and try this driver if yours doesn't work. If you don't know what a driver is or how a driver works, and/or you don't own a rs232 to USB cable or a Psion, ask professional advice. You must accept that we are not responsible if something goes wrong when you try to install the driver that we made available here at our website. Use completely and solely at your own risk. PS: the driver is for Windows 98 and Windows XP.


The following info is given without any warranty or obligation on our part. Use at your own risk and ask for professional advice if you don't know what a driver, a Psion and or a computer is and if you never installed or worked with any of the above. If you are not 100% sure about what you are about to do with the information that follows, go and get professional advice. Also, bear in mind that this information is not double checked and may contain mistakes of faults.

Connect the Psion to USB cable driver

Installing a USB driver onto your PC, or HOW TO INSTALL A USB DRIVER TO YOUR COMPUTER:

1. Turn on your computer and make sure one USB port is available.
2. Plug in the USB connector to a free USB port.
3. The 'Add New Hardware Wizard' should appear (if not, then you should open the wizard from the Control Panel)
4. Click on 'Next'
5. Select 'Search for the best driver for your device'
6. Click on 'Next'
7. Windows will ask you to specify the location of the driver. You should select 'Specify a location'
8. Use "Browse" to find the driver in the CD-ROM drive (if you burned the drivers to a CD) or wherever the file is located on your hard drive)
9. Click on "Next"
10. That should do the trick!