Not so long ago I accidentally came across a 'USB to RS232' cable at a website and I immediately saw the great potential of such a device for my Psion 3MX and Psion 5MX machines! Actually, it had been ages since I connected my beloved machines to a PC. I had kept an old notebook somewhere in the attic (a Pentium 3 machine) for the sole reason that it still had a

RS232 port attached to it. My two recent notebooks only have USB ports, so go figure. After calming down upon the revelation of the existance of such a cable ;-) I made a bid and did win it for nine US Dollars. Lucky, I know, I saw that other usb to RS 232 cables had been sold for more than twice that sum. Anyway, I waited patiently and four days later the package with the cable arrived.

Psion cable to connect the RS232 port to USB at

The next day (yes, quite amazingly I could wait!) I connected the cable to my PC and plugged it into my 3MX. Nothing happened, except for a message in a window that asked me to install the driver. No problem, the package included a small CD with plenty of drivers on it. And no manual. I tried all drivers and nothing worked.

I finally found a solution and put up a separate page with the driver that worked for me as a service to fellow Psion users. Well, here's the end conclusion: this is a great invention! Now I can connect both my Psion MX machines to any PC with a USB port. That is my two desktop PC's and my two notebooks. Great! (scroll down for the free Psion driver).

Connect the Psion to USB

The Psion USB cable driver

The good news is that nothing has changed regarding setup etc.. everything works exactly as before when I connected my Psion's to a real RS232 port at a PC or a notebook (OK that sounds quite logical, but one never knows, right?). Here is a working link to the driver that works for me.

Psion driver

Only use/try that driver is the one that was supplied with your cable doesn't work! I'm happy that for once I don't have to throw away great stuff (the Psion!!) to keep up with so called modern times. The Psion is still a wonderful machine, and thanks to these little inventions such as the USB-RS232 cable we can still sync with our modern/recent PC's.