It's quite funny actually, but we're in the two-thousands (I just looked) and I'm creating or hosting a couple of pages for the Psion 3 & Psion 5 series. Why? Well, since there's a serious Psion hype going on at the moment, and as with most hypes they just explode and suddenly take-off! I have a great Palm PDA and I'm really happy with it. A couple of my friends are as nuts as I am about PDA's and other little electrical paraphernalia. We have state of the art machines with light speeds and millions of bright colours and state of the art applications... most of also have a PDA mobile phone

(or is it mobile phone PDA?) and of course one or two smatphones. About the same time (with one day interval) me and my four other friends suddenly switched back to our old Psion machines (without telling each other at first). Amongst us we have and use a Psion 3a, a Psion 3c, a Psion 3mx (2), a Revo, a Psion 5 and a Psion 5mx.. And they're in use each and every day! Why? Well, the answer is quite simple: battery life! Yes, our new and awfully modern and up to date Palm machines only last for about two to three hours on one full battery charge.

Psion pages at netogram.com

Our Psion 3 and 5 machines (we tested this to the full) last for +60 hours (on one set of batteries). This is great for those long train and plane trips. And we can change the type AA batteries ourselves, so we don't have to take chargers and docking stations with us. And what about the software? Well, our Psion machines are exact replicas of our Palm counterparts. We installed the same software (not the same programs, but software that does exactly the same thing), such as conversion programs, a subway program, maps, a couple of utilities, a biorhythm program, ... and a couple of games (there are thousands of applications available for the Psion series).

The word processor and spreadsheet programs (which are built in) are converted to our desktop PC in a snap! Yes, we're quite enthusiastic about all this. And yes I know, we can't watch a DVD movie on our Psions, and we can't edit video footage with them or play MP3's. But hey, they're small, light, and keep running for hours and hours and hours on one set of batteries. And if we want to connect to the net we use our desktop machines or we visit an Internet shop in the city that we visit. So no problems on that front either. Since Psion freeware and shareware becomes so much harder to find these days, I put up a page with a great Psion software CD here

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