Free PocketPC wallpapers

Free PocketPC wallpapers

I found these PDA themes or PocketPC Wallpapers on a freeware CD. Several themes are available: Goldmember, Pulp Fiction, Star Trek, Seven (Star Trek) and The Matrix. Wallpapers are fun! They replace the somewhat static wallpaper that comes with your device. The wallpapers on our website are free (of course they are) and we do hope we are not breaking any copyright laws (if so, please drop us a line and they are removed immediately!). I think they are great! I loved The Matrix, Goldmember and Star Trek, so its nice to carry these great films with me on my device, hence... as a wallpaper. You can search the net for more information on the movies. Goldmember is from 2002 and it's official name is 'Austin Powers in Goldmember' (what a great movie that is!!). The Matrix is from 1999 and tells the story of a computer hacker called Neo (also a great film!!). Star Trek's Seven comes from the Star Trek Voyager series. Her full name was Seven of Nine (great series, Voyager!!). Pulp Fiction is the name of that wonderful Quentin Tarantino film from 1994.

Free Pocket pc wallpaper of Seven at

Free Pocket PC Wallpaper

I'm afraid I have to say that ALL (yes all) wallpapers have been removed from the websites to which I linked. Some websites dissapeared alltogether. Sorry!

Free Pocket PC wallpaper of The Matrix at


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