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People asked why I invested time in making these pages. Well, first of all I like to share my findings with others, and secondly the ads on these pages generate the odd click or two, resulting in a couple of bucks that pay part of the expenses. There are thousands and thousands of great freeware and shareware programs available for the PocketPC platform. For months and months I have been looking around, downloading & trying freeware, and I finally came up with this TOP 20. These are just *my* favourites, so there may be some stuff that you won't find interesting. But there is a serious chance that you will find a gem here you didn't see anywhere else. Hope you enjoy exploring these files! PS: as far as I know (but please investigate further!), all programs should run on Windows CE 2003, CE 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Mobile 6.5.1, Windows Mobile 6.5.5, Windows Mobile 6.5.3, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Embedded Handhelds. And yes, these are old machines, but still in use! If you still use or have one you may be glad to have found these links today (you're welcome!).

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14. Dynamo. Freeware. Utility.
Description: Dynamo 2 is a cool, animated task manager for your Pocket PC device. Say goodbye to boring text lists of running programs and instead manage your programs by sliding in images of all your running applications onto your screen.


15. TCPMP. Freeware. Videoplayer.
Description: Fans of DivX encoded videos look out! This is a new program that reads your videos (that you have of course encoded previously with the excellent PocketDivXEncoder ;-)...). I'll skip its audio capabilities, but know that it reads both MP3s and Ogg Vorbis.


16. Weather watcher (not in Today screen). Freeware. Utility.
Description: Weather Watcher is your personal Windows mobile weather station. Automatically retrieve the current conditions, hourly forecast, daily forecast, detailed forecast, severe weather alerts (US only) for over 77,000 cities world-wide. Doesn't show up in the today screen, leaving that free for other, more usefull data.


17. Claunch. Freeware. Utility.
Description: A wonderful (free) utility. It changes the display of your today screen and lets you quick-launch programs by tapping the icons. A must see! TK wrote on January 25: Definitely the best Today-screen organizer I've used yet. So many options. Something like this should be incorporated into the next version of windows mobile.


18. Taskman. Freeware. Utility.
Description: a small application for closing and switching tasks (running programs). Does not replace the whole taskbar functionality (like Wisbar and others do) and doesn't add a switching feature in the notification area (like Switch is done).


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