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People asked me why I invested time in making these pages. Well, first of all I like to share my findings with others, and secondly maybe you will be happy finding these little treasures overhere. There were thousands and thousands of great freeware and shareware programs available for the PocketPC platform. For months and months I have been looking around, downloading & trying freeware, and I finally came up with this shortlist. These are just *my* favourites, so there may be some stuff that you won't find interesting. But there is a serious chance that you will find a gem here you didn't see anywhere else. Hope you enjoy exploring these files! PS: as far as I know (but please investigate further!), all programs should run on Windows CE 2003, CE 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Mobile 6.5.1, Windows Mobile 6.5.5, Windows Mobile 6.5.3, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Embedded Handhelds. And yes, these are old machines, but still in use! If you still use or have one of these you're probably happy to have found these links here today (you're welcome!).

Pocket PC Freeware Page

1. Ariel Battery Status. Freeware. Utility.
Description: freeware today-plugin which shows the remaining load of the main battery. Displays a nice and small colourful 'remaining energy' bar.

Ariel Battery status

2. Handy Zip
Description: your own personal pocket PC zipper! ;-)


3. Dominoes. Freeware. Game.
Description: As its name indicates, Dominoes lets you play dominoes according to the classic rules.


4. Seabattle. Game.
Description: A battle at sea... yes, it's a game!


5. Visual GPS CE. GPS Utility/Program. Description: displays GPS data graphically as well as record the raw GPS data (NMEA 0813) to a file. Other features include satellite azimuth/elevation, GPS signal quality, analog gauges and statistical position averaging.


6. GPS DASH. GPS Utility/Program. Description: GPS utility.


7. Taskmanager. Freeware. Utility.
Description: A taskmanager for the PocketPC


8. TCPMP Video player. Utility.
Description: Video player for the Pocket PC machines.


9. Pocketchess. Game.
Description: PocketChess for Windows CE Handheld PC is a high quality, well featured Chess playing program for your Windows CE Handheld PC.


10. CPU detector. Freeware. Utility.
Description: with this tiny little program (.exe file) you can quickly check if the CPU inside your pocketpc is an Intel XScale processor.