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The PocketPC (Pocket PC)

What is a pocket pc? A PC that fits in a pocket. Right! A pocketpc is a handheld-sized computer, or PDA (Personal digital assistant), that runs a specific version of the Windows CE operating system. It has many of the capabilities of modern desktop PCs (Wikipedia). Did you know that the name Pocket PC is patented by Microsoft? And that PDA is patented by Apple? You can read more about the history of the Pocket PC at this page.

Pocketpc's and PDA's come in many flavours

One was build every minute...

Pocket PC's come in many flavours. I am very fond of my personal portable machine, that combines a PDA, a mobile phone, a camera and a GPS (satnav!) system. All in one little device! I purchased my machine a couple of weeks ago and rapidly decided to put up some pages for my fellow Pocket PC adepts. Not so long ago, I carried my mobile, a camera and my PDA with me when I left the building. In the car I used a satnav GPS system and I thought I was really doing great. Actually, it was great to have all these devices with me. I could always be reached, make phone calls, take a quick picture if I needed one and I could lookup data on my PDA. Things got better! Now I have all these machines neatly combined in one small & practible device. Actually, like most of you, I was quite used to always carry my mobile phone with me. Sometimes I forgot my PDA or I didn't take my camera with me. These days are over. I pick up my phone and I have the other three devices with me automatically. The GPS (satnav) function comes in very handy when there are unforeseen roadworks on my way to a certain location, and the camera, although not a 6 mega pixel, is great for that quick snap. The PDA function is marvellous since I carry important excel and word documents with me. And... I downloaded and installed a nice collection of freeware games & utilities that run neatly on the Windows Mobile OS. I put up a page with some great freeware utilities here

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