Nokia C7 Astound speed warnings software

Nokia C7 Speedwarnings software and maps

An important warning: the following info is, although updated in September 2021, basically very old. I keep it online to (try to) help recent-fresh-new owners of the old Nokia C7 phone. Maybe you bought one in great working condition for a mere couple of (€/$/£'s) and now you would like to install speedwarning software on it... I do hope this info and links will help you on your quest!

Quite a long time ago I was the proud owner of a Nokia C7 (financed by a late cash present and a patiently saved bundle of cash). I was attracted to this smartphone by Nokia's promise that the software and support would last the lifetime of the device. AFter a couple of years 'suddenly' the download links for Nokia software didn't seem to work anymore, so I called Nokia. They said that Microsoft was the new owner of this smartphone and that I should contact them. They remembered the promise they made when I purchased the phone (it was part of their big launch campaign back then, how could they deny that one! And there were so many brochures and leaflets stating that the software and support would be available as long as the phone was allive). They said that MS would be glad so help me further. So I contacted Microsoft who told me they were the new owner and that Nokia was the previous owner. Well, OK, that one I already knew. They told me to contact Nokia regarding previous promises. SO it was back to square one and I quickly sold the machine for 5 (five!) Euros and swore I would never buy Nokia again. And I kept that promise for years now, buying three other phones since then, which means I am better in keeping promises than Nokia :-) What also helped back then in deciding to buy this phone was that Nokia launched a 50 Euro cashback promotion, which came in quite handy ;-) That, and the fact that Nokia gave away life-long free updates to +70 roadmaps with their OVI maps scheme helped to make a decision and go for the C7. The N8 also seemed to be a great phone at the time, but I didn't see any advantage in a 12MP camera instead of the C7's 8MP camera at that time. My current phone has a 32 MP camera BTW.

Quite rapidly I got stuck with one frustation: OVI maps didn't come with a standard POI alerts method. After an extensive search I did find a manual and downloadable POI's for speed or safety camera's, but the best warning I could get was icons on the screen... no audio warnings. After a few more weeks I finally found the definitive solution in a program called piPOIAlert. Because it took me so much time to find this program, I quickly decided to put up this page for those who are interested in a POI alert program for their Nokia.

C7 Astound Speed Camera warning software

At one time you could download new versions of piPOIAlert at "" but I checked and that website doesn't exist anymore. Too bad! :-( ... But I have some good news!! I still have a version of the software which you can download from our website here:

piPOIalert 1.0

Also, I searched and found a website where you can find all the old OVI map files for the Nokia C7 (maps from allover the world, mind you!). Attention: the link will bring you to the European maps section. Just click on MAPS on that page and you will get a list with all continents.


Now what you have to do is this:

locate and download an older version piPOIAlert
download a text file with the locations of the gatso's (visit a website that updates the locations for your country)
transform that text file into a readable format for piPOIAlert
copy the text file to your Nokia

To transform the text file with locations to a usable format for piPOIAlert you could use Babelpad. Good news: I still had a version of Babelpad and you will find the download link on this page!

As mentioned, you can download a copy of this (old) but free program from our website:


Do you use Linux or do you own a Mac? No problem: just find yourself a text editor that is capable of saving the text file in the 'UTF 16' format, just like Babelpad.

The POI file must be in the following directory: - Data - piPOIAlert - piPOIAlert.txt It has to be saved as a UTF16 text file and has to have the following structure: longitude (max 20),latitude (max 20),description (max 36),speedlimit (max 4)


4.41028,51.21120,Kennedy Ave,30
6.98854,52.65074,Foxtrot Lane,120
5.67931,52.00831,Dunham Street,30

I sincerely do hope this helps and good luck!

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