Nokia C7 Astound safety warning app

Nokia C7 Astound safety warning app

Quite recently I became the proud owner of a Nokia C7 (financed by a late present and a patiently saved bundle of cash). The fact that Nokia launched a 50 Euro cashback promotion came in quite handy ;-) That, and the fact that Nokia gives away life-long free updates to +70 roadmaps with their OVI maps scheme helped me to make a decision and go for the C7. The N8 also seems to be a great phone, but I personally don't see any advantage in a 12MP camera instead of the C7's 8MP camera (I have a great 12MP camera with which I make all my pictures).

Quite rapidly I got stuck with (fortunately just the one) frustation: OVI maps doesn't come with a standard POI alerts method. After an extensive search I did find a manual and downloadable POI's for speed or safety camera's, but the best warning I could get was icon's on the screen... no audio warnings. After a few more weeks I finally found the definitive solution in a program called piPOIAlert. Because it took me so much time to find this program, I quickly decided to put up this page for those who are interested in a POI alert program for their Nokia.

C7 /\ Astound Speed Camera warning software

You can download the most recent version of piPOIAler at this location: click here

Now all you have to do is:

  • download piPOIAlert (the link is on this page)
  • download a text file with the locations of the gatso's (visit a website that updates the locations for your country)
  • transform that text file into a readable format for piPOIAlert (the link to a program is on this page)
  • copy the text file to your Nokia
  • To transform the text file with locations to a usable format for piPOIAlert you could use Babelpad.

    You can download a copy of this free program at this location: click chere

    Do you use Linux or do you own a Mac? No problem: just find yourself a text editor that is capable of saving the text file in the 'UTF 16' format, just like Babelpad.

    The POI file must be in the following directory: - Data - piPOIAlert - piPOIAlert.txt It has to be saved as a UTF16 text file and has to have the following structure: longitude (max 20),latitude (max 20),description (max 36),speedlimit (max 4)


    4.41028,51.21120,Kennedy Ave,30
    6.98854,52.65074,Foxtrot Lane,120
    5.67931,52.00831,Dunham Street,30