NEW BEAT - VARIOUS ARTISTS short bio + Audio CD for sale

NEW BEAT - VARIOUS ARTISTS short bio + Audio CD for sale

New Beat is a term that was used in the 1980s to refer to two different genres of electronic dance music. It also refers to an underground 1980s Belgian music style. The Belgian New Beat was an underground danceable music style, well known at clubs and discos in Europe. It is a local crossover of EBM, Acid and mid 80s underground House music. The 80s Dark Wave also became an aesthetic influence (especially Depeche Mode's videos from 1985-1989). At the time, EBM was popular in German speaking countries and The Netherlands, Acid / Acid Trance was popular in the UK, and House Music (in a 80s Eurodisco French twist) was popular in France. Belgium created this unique music sound, with huge underground success all over Europe (source:

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  • 1. 20 Acid To Body (Pillentanz Mix Eins) (5:30)
  • 2. Bruno (3) This Is The Beat (Unique) (New Beat Version) (6:14)
  • 3. Fatal Attraction Music To Be Murdered By... (Criminal Version) (5:20)
  • 4. 101 Rock To The Beat (5:44)
  • 5. Space Opera Mandate My Ass (New Beat Mix) (5:42)
  • 6. Off Everybody Shake (New Beat Mix) (6:22)
  • 7. Edwards & Armani Sex (Acid Sex Mix) (5:20)
  • 8. Utopia New Beat Show (5:50)
  • 9. Chico Crew Acid Pages (Book Mix) (4:35)
  • 10. Drivin' Force Rock This World (Vocal Acieeed Mix) (7:32)
  • 11. Jennifer Crew Potion Of Love (Dance Mix) (5:40)
  • 12. Overdrive (6) Beat It Up (7:52)
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