The museum

But why a museum?
Well, why not? Besides, I always dreamed of being a curator.
How does it work?
Come in, read, watch...
Do I have to pay an entrance fee?
Ha ha!


The very first sketch of our logo

The very first original sketch of our logo.

The original sketchbook

The original little book that was used to draw the very first sketch of our logo.

The frist cut of our logo

The first cut of our logo.

Paul's Pub Picture 1 (of 2)

Paul's Pub, where the idea for was born, and where the very first sketch of our logo was drawn.

Paul's Coffee

Paul's coffee.. Yeah! Some afternoons we spend hours drinking coffee and brainstorming at Paul's Pub. Notice the pen at the left bottom corner. On this picture: two of a possible five cups (five is the maximum number of our people this table can handle).

Paul's entrance

The entrance of Paul's Pub. Notice the little stars on the ceiling...
yep, we feel right at home there ;-)

Paul's terrace

View of Paul's Pub's Terrace. We had to chase everyone to make this picture (we only got 5 seconds to make this picture, ...and we succeeded).

THE pen 1

This is a picture of the original pen, used to draw the first sketch of our logo!