funny internet based game


Nude collector, a silly but funny webgame

Welcome to this free, very cultural and exciting webgame. Celebrities tend to show some of their naked flesh since ages. You must have seen those pictures.. they also show glimpses of their bodies in movies, even if they're really famous and extremely talented and rich. Well, we chose the cultural route and created this web-game where the object is to connect the 'classic' nude figure to the right painter.

It is a game for everybody, sort of. It doesn't only contain culture, it covers (no pun intended) not only female, but also some male nudity. This is NOT a game for the faint of heart, or people with strong moral beliefs. WARNING: This game contains nudity.

The gameplay isn't groundbreakingly new. In 1508 (yes, the 16th century) local folk used to play a game in which they had to guess which muse modelled for a famous painter's recent work. This is a modern, adapted version of that game.

The manual consists of two phrases:
1. on each page you will see some nudity and two or thee names of famous classical painters
2. click on the name of the painter who you think painted the masterpiece.

If you make a mistake, you're allowed to try again. When you got them ALL right, you will be transfered to a secret page at this webpage for a cultural gift.

Before we start we have to be sure that you:
1. are at least 18 years or older
2. understand and accept the funny side of this webgame, and that
3. you will NOT lose any sleep over a) the game itself b) having seen so much cultural nudity in such a short period of time c) you may stink at this game.

You have two (2) options:

I am 18 years or older, understand the funny side of this webgame, and I will play this game out of my own free will and at my own risk. I don't expect any price or recognition if I'm successful in playing this game. I will never-ever hold the owners, makers and or MOCS responsable for any direct or indirect damage this game may have on my person or belongings.

NO, I disagree...