Download essential MS DOS software

MS-DOS, short for MicroSoft Disk Operating System) is an operating system for x86-based personal computers. It was the most commonly used member of the DOS family of operating systems, and was the main operating system for IBM PC compatible personal computers during the 1980s to the mid 1990s This is a collection of sometimes hard to find but oh so essential software for MS DOS compatible computers. I have created this page merely to be of help. Don't write if you are looking for another program... if it ain't here I don't have it (unfortunately). I sincerely hope these files will be of help and that they may be of use to you.

Free MS DOS software

These are the free MS DOS files that are available here as free downloads:

ARJ v2.81a - the OFFICIAL FULL release of the file archiver ARJ, which has hundreds of options.

ARJ v2.81a

ARC File Archive Utility Version 6.02

ARC 6.02

HA File Archive Utility Version 0.98

HA 0.98

LHA Ver 2.55E English version MS-DOS file compression/extraction utility

LHA 2.55e

PAK The File Compression Utility Version 2.51

PAK 2.51

PK 3.61 PKware The file compression system where SPEED and SMALL SPACES make a BIG difference.

PK 3.61

PKZIP 2.50 Pkzip + Pkunzip for DOS version 2.5

PKZIP 2.50

The RAR archiver v2.16 (release) for DOS Integrated archive manager

RAR 2.16

ZOO 2.10 zoo - manipulate archives of files in compressed form

ZOO 2.10