Most popular passwords list

This is a list of most used or most popular passwords in 2015 created by the people at Gizmodo, based upon huge lists of stolen passwords in 2015. If YOU are using one of these passwords, it sure is time to change it. Hackers and Crackers use these lists to try and break in to your accounts. So have a look and if your's is in there, think of another one! And don't replace it with another password from the same list ;-) Yes, I think that was funny!

Most used passwords in 2015

123456 (Still on number 1)

password (Still on number 2)

12345678 (Up 1)

qwerty (Up 1)

12345 (Down 2)

123456789 (Still on number 6)

football (Up 3)

1234 (Down 1)

1234567 (Up 2)

baseball (Down 2)

welcome (New Entry)

1234567890 (New Entry)

abc123 (Up 1)

111111 (Up 1)

1qaz2wsx (New Entry)

dragon (Down 7)

master (Up 2)

monkey (Down 6)

letmein (Down 6)

login (New Entry)

princess (New Entry)

qwertyuiop (New Entry)

solo (New Entry)

passw0rd (New Entry)

starwars (New Entry)