Free downloads of missing DLL files and VXD files

Free downloads of missing DLL files and VXD files

Oh yes, this can be so frustrating or annoying... a message that pops up saying that a DLL file is missing. Sometimes the reason is a virus, sometimes it's because you deleted or removed a program that shared a certain DLL or VXD with another program which is still on your computer.

I have put up this page and the files to help out where I can. Please note that this isn't a DLL helpdesk service or warehouse where DLL files or VXD files can be requested, sorry! I simply put these file up to be of help to anyone searching for these specific DLL files. Actually, as far as I know, these are the most sought after dll files around. Have a look, I hope what you're looking for is here (really), and download free of charge.

Free download of common missing DLL files and VXD files at

Important DLL and VXD files list

01. MSSHRUI.DLL download file

02. NDIS.VXD download file

03. NDIS2SUP.VXD download file

04. ndiswmi.sys download file

05. nscl.vxd download file

06. nwlink.vxd download file

07. nwredir.vxd download file

08. SVRAPI.DLL download file

09. VNETBIOS.rar download file

10. VNETSUP.VXD download file

11. VREDIR.VXD download file

12. MSOERT2.DLL download file

You're welcome! ;-)