The MIPS processor

The MIPS processor is manufactured by .... MIPS ;-) This is what we read at the mips.com website: MIPS Technologies is a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores that power some of the world's most popular products for the home entertainment, communications, networking and portable multimedia markets. For more than two decades, MIPS Technologies has been a leader and innovator in the worldwide embedded semiconductor market. At the heart of MIPS is its architecture, developed 20 years ago by Stanford University engineering Professor John Hennessy-now president of Stanford University. Hennessy took the lead in RISC processing and created an elegant, streamlined architecture with a scalability that has met the demands of generations of applications, preserving the wealth of development tools and software that support them. Today, the MIPS architecture is an industry standard and the performance leader within the embedded industry.

Devices that use the MIPS Processor

  • Casio BE-300 MIPS R4000 (MIPS) Casio Pocket Manager
  • Casio BE-500 MIPS VR4121 (MIPS) Casio Pocket Manager
  • Casio E10,E11 MIPS (NEC VR4111) (MIPS) Palm-size PC 1.0 (MIPS)
  • Casio E115, E125, EM500 MIPS VR4121 (MIPS) Pocket PC (MIPS)
  • Casio E15, E100, E105 MIPS R4000 (MIPS) Palm-size PC 1.2 (MIPS)
  • Compaq Aero 1530 NEC VR4121 (MIPS) Palm-size PC 1.2 (MIPS)
  • Compaq Aero 1550 NEC VR4121 (MIPS) Pocket PC (MIPS)
  • Compaq Aero 2150/2180 NEC VR4121 (MIPS) Palm-size PC 1.2 (MIPS)
  • Compaq Aero 810c/2010c NEC VR4121 (MIPS) HPC 2.0 (MIPS)
  • Everex Freestyle 540 MIPS (MIPS) Palm-size PC 1.2 (MIPS)
  • Everex Freestyle MIPS (MIPS) Palm-size PC 1.0 (MIPS)
  • Fujitsu Siemens Intertop CX300/CX310 NEC MIPS (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • Fujitsu Siemens PenCentra 130/200 NEC MIPS (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • IBM Workpad z50 MIPS (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • NEC MobilePro 700/750 MIPS (NEC) (MIPS) HPC 2.0 (MIPS)
  • NEC MobilePro 770/780/800/880 MIPS (NEC) (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • NEC MobilePro PV-5000 MIPS 128MHz (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • Palmax PD131 MIPS (NEC VR4121) (MIPS) Pocket PC (MIPS)
  • Philips Nino 200/300 MIPS (MIPS) Palm-size PC 1.0 (MIPS)
  • Philips Nino 500 MIPS (MIPS) Palm-size PC 1.2 (MIPS)
  • Philips Velo 500 MIPS (MIPS) HPC 2.0 (MIPS)
  • Samsung eGO-note MIPS (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • Samsung Izzi Pro MIPS 3000 (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • Sharp Mobilon HC-4100/4500/4600 MIPS (MIPS) HPC 2.0 (MIPS)
  • Sharp Mobilon Pro PV-5000 MIPS (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • Sharp Mobilon Pro PV-6000 NEC VR4111 (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
  • Siemens SX45 MIPS R4000 (MIPS) Pocket PC (MIPS)
  • Symbol PPT2700 MIPS (NEC VR4181) (MIPS) Pocket PC (MIPS)
  • Vadem Clio C1000/C1050 MIPS (VR 4111/4121) (MIPS) HPC Pro (MIPS)
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