K'S CHOICE short bio + Audio CD for sale

K'S CHOICE short bio + Audio CD for sale

K's Choice is a Belgian rock band from Antwerp, formed in the mid-1990s and touring as recently as 2006.[1] The band's core members are siblings Sarah Bettens (lead vocals, guitar) and Gert Bettens (guitar, keyboard, vocals). They are joined by Eric Grossman (bass), Thomas Vanelslander (lead guitar), Reinout Swinnen (keys) and Koen Liekens (drums). The band has produced gold and platinum albums (source: Wikipedia.org)

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  • 1. Not an addict (American video version)
  • 2. Not an addict (Live The Vic Theatre - Chicago)
  • 3. A sound that only you can hear (Live The Vic Theatre - Chicago)
  • 4. Hide
  • 5. In your room
  • 6. Cocoon Crash
  • 7. 20.000 Seconds
  • 8. Freestyle
  • 1-3 Audio & Video (PC)
    4-8 Audio only

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