Enable javascript in Chrome

netogram.com Because your browser doesn't have javascript enabled, some stuff might not work at this website. But don't worry, this is only because our site uses several snippets of wonderful javascript to enhance the visitor's experience, create nifty layouts and build incredible frames. Scroll down and you will find a brief manual on how to enable javascript in this browser.

Google Chrome

On the web browser menu click on the 'Customize and control Google Chrome' and select 'Settings'
In the 'Settings' section click on the 'Show advanced settings...'
Under the the 'Privacy' click on the 'Content settings...'
When the dialog window opens, look for the 'JavaScript' section and select 'Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)'
Click on the 'OK' button to close it
Close the 'Settings' tab
Click on the 'Reload this page' button of the web browser to refresh the page

Internet explorer

To activate Javascript : Click here.


To activate Javascript : click here.


To activate Javascript : click here.

iPad - iPhone

To activate Javascript : click here.


To activate Javascript : click here.