Jack Sheldon

Jack Sheldon records, films and short biography

Jack Sheldon (born November 30, 1931) American bebop and West Coast jazz trumpeter, singer, and actor. He is a trumpet player and was a comedian on The Merv Griffin Show, as well as the voice heard on several episodes of the educational music television series Schoolhouse Rock.

His voice is perhaps best known from the Schoolhouse Rock! cartoons of the 1970s, such as 'Conjunction Junction' and 'I'm Just a Bill'. Later, he parodied his own performance in 'I'm Just a Bill' in an episode of The Simpsons called 'The Day the Violence Died', where he is just an 'amendment to be.' 'I'm Just a Bill' was also parodied in the Family Guy episode 'Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington'. Here, the bill on Capitol Hill begins singing the opening lyrics, when a janitor comes up and stabs him with a stick, then throws him away. He also parodied his voice in the Family Guy episode 'Running Mates' where Peter made changes to the sex education curriculum with a spin off of the 'Conjunction Junction' skit, 'Vagina Junction'. Sheldon returned to the Schoolhouse Rock! series for a 2002 episode titled 'I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College', explaining the electoral college process, and distributed on the series' DVD collection that same year. Sheldon sang and played trumpet for the new segment (source: wikipedia.org)


1954 The Quartet and the Quintet Jazz West
1957 Jack Sheldon and His All Star Band GNP Crescendo
1957 Jack's Groove GNP
1961 A Jazz Profile of Ray Charles
1962 Out! Capitol
1962 Oooo, But it's Good Capitol
1964 Jack Sheldon Presents the Entertainers VSOP
1968 The Warm World of Jack Sheldon Dot
1979 Singular Beez
1980 Angel Wings (Atlas Records)
1980 Playin' It Straight Real Time
1983 Stand by for Jack Sheldon Concord Jazz
1984 Blues in the Night Phontastic
1986 Playing for Change Uptown
1987 Hollywood Heroes Concord Jazz
1991 On My Own Concord Jazz
1992 Jack Sheldon Sings Butterfly
1995 Jack is Back! Butterfly
1997 Live at Don Mupo's Gold Nugget VSOP
2001 Jack Sheldon & His All-Stars GNP Crescendo
2007 It's What I Do
2010 Ho Ho Ho MightyCore Music
You Get More Bounce With Curtis Counce originally released as Counceltation (Contemporary, 1956)
Landslide (Contemporary, 1956)
Sonority (Contemporary, 1958)
Carl's Blues (Contemporary, 1960 - recorded 1957)
The Complete Studio Recordings: The Master Takes (Gambit, 2006)
Great Ideas of Western Mann (Riverside, 1957)


1966 : Run Buddy Run (TV) : Buddy Overstreet (unknown episodes)
1967 : He & She (TV) : Additional Voices (unknown episodes)
1967 : Dragnet (TV) : Various Characters (unknown episodes)
1969 : Under the Yum Yum Tree (TV) : Charlie Prokter
1973 : Schoolhouse Rock! (series TV) (voice)
1973 : The Girl with Something Extra (series TV) : Jerry Burton (unknown episodes)
1976 : Freaky Friday : Lloyd
1988 : Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV) : Holodeck Pianist (11001001)
1991 : For the Boys : Wally Fields
1993 : Lush Life (TV) : Norman
1994 : Radioland Murders : Ruffles Reed
1996 : Cher bon Dieu (Dear God) : Homeless Trumpeter
1996 : The Simpsons (series TV) (voice)
1997 : Johnny Bravo (series TV) (voice)
1998 : Hard Time (TV) : Trumpet
1999 : Hard Time: The Premonition (TV) : Trumpet
1999 : Hard time - Menace explosive (Hard Time: Hostage Hotel) (TV) : Trumpet
2000 : Family Guy (series TV) (voice)
2001 : Family Guy (series TV) (voice)
2004 : Teacher's Pet (2004 film) : Vocals on Song- 'Take the Money and Run'
2010 : A Girl's Life : Ford Mosquito (voice)