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Hi there! I created this website in 2001 for myself, for archival purposes and to have interesting data and information available at my fingertips in cyberspace. Sort of a cloud storage 'avant la lettre in 2001' if you wish. From the start I made the entire website freely available to everybody on the planet with an internet connection. Enjoy your stay! We update our website quite often. Have a look at the updates & changes page to see what we have been up to recently. Feel free to browse around, there's plenty of stuff to see, databases to be explored and video's to watch or download. We are ex-twitterz but you can have a look at what we've been up to while we were still twittereers ;-) So just click for tweetz here to have a look. If you want to know what's hangin' and dangin' at netogram: have a look at or subscribe to our RSS feed And now back to the studio for some news about our website: the website started as a little fun thing in 2001. grew a bit out of hand. It became a monster with 3000+ pages and hundreds of databases. And we see it as ;-) not your ordinary website. We're not saying that we are better than the others but merely that we are a bit different. For starters... our website contains many databases filled with usefull and/or interesting data. If you are searching for a specific public holiday in any country worldwide, have a look at our huge list of countries with all the public holidays and legal holidays in 2020. All our databases are free databases. Since the number of databases grows every month we quickly decided to divide them into several different categories. In music for example, you will find a database with pop chart hits from 1950 up to 1999. But also the Beatles discographies and all the songs that Frank Sinatra recorded. In Television you'll find databases with popular British and US sitcoms. We also cover all the Nobel prize winners, famous inventors, worldwide countries and their capitals, the Beaufort scales and even a Harry Potter database. This website contains hundreds of pages with various information and nice to reads or haves ... Fans of the somewhat older but fantastic Psion PDA's will be delighted that we put up several pages for the Psion family. Are you searching for essential software for DOS, the Atari ST, the Commodore Amiga or the Apple Macintosh? You will find it here too... And if you would like to know what the most popular passwords are? Click here to see the list. But did I also mention our famous speeches, famous people and our list of celebrities real names? Are you in for some fun? Then have a look at our hilarious car bootie treasures. Last month we met the guys of in Paris during a trip to Europe and one thing led to another.. so we started swapping databases and info. If you speak Dutch (Nederlands) you should visit their website at

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If you're interested in history, you should visit Today in history, which is updated every single day of the year at midnight. Looking for a video clip ? then You should have a look at our free video clips If you are looking for some often sought after DLL files, you know, the one's that are suddenly missing on your system, check out the Essential DLL files page. Oh yes!, do you want to see which celebrity's birthday it is today? Click on today's celebrity birthdays And that's not all! Sports fans will find databases with the winners of the world's tennis and golf tournaments, and we also cover the Tour de France, the Champion's league, NBA finals and the Super Bowl. If you have a file with an unfamiliar extension, visit our 3.500+ file extensions database. For those interested, we also put the Hackers Dictionary on-line here. Talking about IT related stuff.. PocketPC users will find a whole bunch of great pocketpc freeware and information about the different processors. If you are a Nokia owner with Ovi maps or a GPS device? You will be pleased with our special Nokia Speed warning and Safety warning software pages, and for the C7 and Astound mobile phone owners we included a page with the technical specifications of the C7 and Astound handhelds. And are you interested in checking your IP address? Then click on My IP address?

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We also added quite a few articles (with links). You can read why urban men need ED products more by clicking here. And there are even more articles available! We also added an article about increasing sexual appetite with male enlargment products and added three articles for women: one about enhancing breast size, one about how to grow longer and thicker lashes and finally an article about what Nutraluxe lash MD reviews should tell you. Looking for budget Hotels in Leeds? Then you should certainly visit our page Budget Hotels in Leeds. And for those who forgot their wedding anniversary (!) here's a page about the Best Gift to Make Up for Forgetting Your Anniversary.

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For the fans (just kidding) we installed a virtual museum about our website. Entrance is free and we're open 24/7. Worth a visit is the pages. The website was taken off line a couple of months ago, but the owners gave us permission to put their free mp3's and free podcasts on line at netogram! You will find, amongst other things, the answer to the burning question if chickens really fart or not! If you have a website and are thinking about taking it down... drop us a line and we might give it a resting place here! Talking about great places to visit ;-) we also host a museum with quite some wonderful stuff, such as a Comptometer, the IBM electric typewriter, a Pinball machine, and so on. Worth a (free) visit by clicking on The V-Museum At you can also read the history of the greeting card, and in case you like flashbacks, read the funny electronic Nutworks magazine from the 80's. If you are interested in some free MMS pictures for your mobile, click here And if you're into numbers, we have a page about lucky numbers & dates and information about Friday the 13th!

And for those lucky owners of the Kobo Glo e-reader: there's a page about working with and organising e-book shelves of your KOBO e-reader at netogram! And for those who bought or own a vintage foldable keyboard and lost or are searching for the right drivers... visit the Essential freedom .com keyboard drivers page and hopefully you will find the right driver. And now for something completely different ;-) We added guest blog pages about how to get rid of man boobs, an article about men's sexual health issues, quite a read about male breast removal without sugery and the Top 4 reasons for divorce. Finally there's an interesting article about lesser know sights of Puerto Rico.

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