How to Grow Longer Lashes (sponsored)

How to Grow Longer Lashes

How to Grow Longer Lashes

Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in a cycle. When one eyelash falls naturally, a new one grows at its place. And not all lashes fall and grow together. This is exactly why you will notice different levels of thickness and length of your natural eyelashes. How quickly your lashes will grow depend largely on the health of the follicles. If you are not sure about how to grow longer lashes, you consider using an effective lash growth serum after reading its reviews on With regular use of serums, you can get long, lush lashes within two months.

Things you should know about Eyelashes
Here are some important things to know about eyelashes and how they grow and shed.

  • A natural lash usually has a growing phase of 3 months before it enters its shedding phase
  • It takes 2 months for eyelash re-growth.
  • Conditioners keep the eyes moisturized and protect them against breakages.
  • Use of good quality makeup reduces the dryness and itching, which in turn reduces hair fall.
  • Serums can boost eyelash growth.
  • Clogged eyelid pores hamper the growth of the hairs and also the quality of those.
  • Tips on Growing Longer Thicker Eyelashes Naturally
    Here are steps to be taken to grow and maintain your lashes.

  • Gentle Care: Wash your hands and face properly before applying any product. Remove makeup, extensions and lenses before going to bed. Don't use any harsh chemical based product on the eyes and the sensitive area surrounding those. The applicator should be used only once and then discarded to avoid any irritation.
  • Balanced diet: A healthy diet full of essential minerals, amino acids, biotins, vitamins and proteins like whole grains, vegetable, fruits, spinach, lentils, greens, sweet potato, endives, olives, pumpkin seed and watermelon seed can promote healthy hair growth.
  • Use quality products: Don't use cheap quality products as it can harm your eyes. Use natural ingredients based products and try using minimal eye-makeup.
  • Use eyelash enhancing serum: The plant extract based serums have been clinically proven to offer effective solution to lush lash growth. They boost the thickness, length and darkness of the lashes without any side effects. Though it takes 2-4 weeks to show the result but it's worth the wait. Don't use this product if you had undergone an eye surgery or chemotherapy recently.
  • Some Additional Tips

  • Check the ingredients of serums and conditioners before using those.
  • Read complete details and reviews of a product from an authentic source before trying product on your eyes and the areas around it.
  • Check the expiry date of makeup items and make sure that you don't use any expired product.
  • Always wash your hands with medicated soap before touching your eyes.
  • Do not rub your eyes vigorously; instead apply a soothing eye drop.
  • Remove your makeup, using gentle makeup remover before going to sleep.
  • Get eyelash extensions applied by professionals.

    In case of any irritation, pain or allergy, immediately wash your eyes with cold water. If the problem persists, visit an eye specialist immediately. Now that you know how to grow longer lashes, make sure that you choose and use the right product and take precautions to protect your eyelashes.