Golf Tournaments winners database

This is a searchable database with the Golf tournament winners starting from 1860.

Tournaments include: US Open, Masters tournament, PGA and Open Championship.

Choose any word(s) to search. You can search for (part of) the name of a player, the year or country.
If the first word begins with a lowercase letter, the search results will show results that start with that word, AND results which also contain that word. Use a capital letter if you only want to see a list of results that start with that word.

If you want additional information about these Golf tournaments or a list of these golf tournament winners from a later date, you could visit these websites: THE US OPEN WEBSITE for more info on the US OPEN, or THE US MASTERS WEBSITE, for more info on the US Masters, or THE PGA WEBSITE, for more info on the PGA tournament, or THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP WEBSITE, for more information.