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This is a short article with free tips about saving money and comparing prices of day to day stuff and things at which we spend our money every day, every week or every month. Some tips may be quite familiar whilst others could be new and really useful to you. If you already know it, merely skip the tip and go to the next one. I sincerely hope that there is at least one tip that will help you save money, that little extra cash that always comes in handy.

All these tips work(ed) for me and I thought it might be a good idea to share them for free. So here we go. There are at least two things one can do in times of financial crises, when every penny or dime counts. The first thing you can do is add income to your income ;-) This way your spending budget will increase with the exact amount of money you added to your regular income. Sounds great and simple doesn't it? To many this is easier said than done, especially when you have a fulltime day job.

Just think about it for a minute: how many hours are you willing to spend every evening and every weekend on lucrative activities? For some this won't be a problem, so go ahead! But I'm afraid that for many a little (sigh) won't be far away. But as I mentioned before: there are TWO ways! You can also make money, thus create a bigger spending budget, and spend less by comparing prices. It doesn't hurt to look at your expenditures in a critical way.. Saving money can be a very easy task! and will, in most cases, have immediate effect.

The first thing you should do is make a list of all your expenditures. You will quickly find out that my tips are about the most expensive items on your list. I will cover cheaper Insurance, compare loans, how to make money on a better mortgage, think about cheaper credit and compare prices for your gas bills and electricity bills.

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