Download freedom foldable keyboard drivers

This is a vintage foldable keyboard, I think it was sold around 2006. Although it is a bluetooth keyboard, I don't think it will work with Android tablets, android phones and other android devices. I used it for my windows phone, about six years ago and it worked perfectly. I have read somewhere that there are still a few people out there who own these type of foldable keyboards, or who bought them for a sharp price second hand. And I also know it isn't extremely easy to find drivers for these freedom keyboards. That is why I decided to add all the drivers from my original freedom bluetooth keyboard CD at my website. If it is usefull for you: great! If it isn't: I'm sorry but I will not be able to help you out, because I don't own the keyboard anymore and these are the only drivers I have found on the 'drivers CD'. But let's hope one of these freedom drivers will help you out and get your freedom keyboard to work!

Free drivers for the foldable freedom keyboard

PLEASE NOTE that while these files may be downloaded for free, we do not give support or guarantee in any way that these drivers will do the task you have in mind. If you don't know what a driver is or how it works and what you should do, seek proffesional help. Use at your own risk after careful consideration. Bear in mind that we put up these drivers as a service, because we think they might be helpfull to someone, someday. They are absolutely free of charge but if you don't know how to install or use them, seek professional help. Use at your own risk.

Freedom foldable keyboard drivers

These are the drivers that are available:
BlackBerrys running 4.2-4.7
BlackBerrys running 4.1 and below
Windows Mobile Pocket PC's with Broadcom Stack
Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC's with Microsoft Stack
Palm OS5
Symbian V9
Symbian V7 & 8
Windows Mobile Smartphone
Windows Mobile 2003 & 5 Smartphones
Windows Mobile 6 Smartphones

Freedom keyboard .com specifications:
63 keys
Folder: 6" x 3.75" x 1" (15 x 9.6 x 2.6cm)
Qwertzu layout
Normal size keys
Long battery life (two AAA batteries for appr. 80 hours)

Freedom universal keyboard drivers

Universal keyboard drivers


PDF manual


Freedom Keyboard I 1710J


Freedom Keyboard BlackBerry 41

FreedomKeyboardInstall BlackBerry42+ Drivers.exe

Freedom Keyboard Install BlackBerry 42+ Drivers


Freedom Keyboard Symbian v9

FreedomKeyboardUniversal ALX-COD BB

Freedom Keyboard Universal ALX-COD BB Files

FreedomKeyboardUniversal PalmOS5.exe

Freedom Keyboard Universal Palm OS 5

FreedomKeyboardUniversal WM05 PPC MS.exe

Freedom Keyboard Universal WM05 PPC MS

FreedomKeyboardUniversal WM06 PPC MS.exe

Freedom Keyboard Universal WM06 PPC MS

FreedomKeyboardUniversal WM06 SP.exe

Freedom Keyboard Universal WM06 SP

FreedomKeyboardUniversal WM0305 PPC BC.exe

Freedom Keyboard Universal WM0305 PPC BC


Freedom Keyboard Universal Series 80


Freedom Keyboard Universal Symbian 7 - 8


Freedom Keyboard WM 03.05 SP


Freedom Keyboard WM03 ppc MS

FreedomProKeyboard_BlackBerry driver installer.exe

Freedom Pro Keyboard BlackBerry driver installer