This is a searchable database with +1200 songs Frank Sinatra recorded between 1939 and 1993.

Please note that this is a database of studio recordings. Songs performed live or on radio and TV shows are not included. Some songs in the database haven't been officially released yet.

The record label is an indication that might help if you would like to buy a certain song. Via the label's name you can create a time line. If, for example, you would like to buy the song ALL OF ME in the fifties version, you kow you should look for a Capitol release because the database said that the 1954 recording was released on that label.

We really did our best to avoid misspelllings and errors in the dates & labels. We do apologize for any mistakes. Don't use the information from this database for or in important situations such as bets and circumstances that may embarrass you.
We are Sinatra fans and compiled this database with information given to us by Sinatra fans, from liner notes on record and CD sleeves from our collection and from fan-club magazines. We understand the database may not be 100% complete, but are reasonably proud of it.


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Contents: 1.268 song titles
  • From the thirties (30's): 10
  • From the fourties (40's): 331
  • From the fifties (50's): 334
  • From the sixties (60's): 414
  • From the seventies (70's): 111
  • From the eighties (80's): 44
  • From the nineties (90's): 24