List with famous inventions between 1891 and 1987

List with famous inventions Part 2

This is part 2 of a list of famous inventions

1891  escalator   Jesse W. Reno   American
1891  zipper   Whitcomb L. Judson   American
1892  automobile (gasoline)   Charles E. Duryea & J. Frank Duryea   American
1893  moving picture viewer   Thomas A. Edison   American
1894  motion picture projector   Charles F. Jenkins   American
1894  submarine   Simon Lake   American
1895  diesel engine   Rudolf Diesel   German
1895  X ray   Wilhelm Roentgen   German
1899  tape recorder   Valdemar Poulsen   Denmark
1901  washing machine   Langmuir Fisher   American
1903  propeller airplane   Orville & Wilbur Wright   American
1903  windshield wipers   Mary Anderson   American
1907  vacuum cleaner   J. Murray Spangler   American
1911  air conditioning   Willis H. Carrier   American
1913  modern radio receiver   Reginald A. Fessenden   American
1922  insulin   Sir Frederick G. Banting   Canada
1923  television*   Vladimir K. Zworykin*   American
1924  frozen packaged food   Clarence Birdseye   American
1926  rocket engine   Robert H. Goddard   American
1929  penicillin   Alexander Fleming   Scotish
1930  cyclotron (atom smasher)   Ernest O. Lawrence   American
1937  xerography copies   Chester Carlson   American
1939  helicopter   Igor Sikorsky   American
1939  jet airplane   Hans von Ohain   German
1942  electronic computer   John V. Atanasoff & Clifford Berry   American
1943  Aqua Lung   Jacques-Yves Cousteau & Emile Gagnan   French
1944  auto sequence computer   Howard H. Aiken   American
1947  microwave oven   Percy L. Spencer   American
1947  transistor   William Shockley, Walter H. Brattain, & John Bardeen   American
1948  Velcro   Georges de Mestral   Suisse
1953  bathyscaphe   August Piccard   French
1954  antibiotic for fungal diseases   Rachel F. Brown & Elizabeth L. Hazen   American
1955  fiber optics   Narinder S. Kapany   British
1955  polio vaccine   Jonas E. Salk   American
1963  audiocassette   Phillips Corporation   Dutch
1963  pop-top can   Ermal C. Fraze   American
1963  steel tennis racquet   Rene Lacoste   French
1965  word processor   International Business Machines Corp.   American
1969  cash machine (ATM)   Don Wetzel   American
1969  videotape cassette   Sony   Japan
1971  food processor   Pierre Verdon   French
1972  compact disc (CD)   RCA   American
1972  video game (Pong)   Noland Bushnell   American
1973  CAT scanner   Godfrey N. Hounsfield   British
1977  space shuttle   NASA   U.S
1979  cellular telephone   Ericsson Company   Sweden
1979  Walkman   Sony   Japanese
1980  Post-its   3M Company   American
1980  Rollerblades   Scott Olson   American
1981  Polartec fabric   Malden Mills   American
1983  minivan   Chrysler   American
1987  electronic pocket calculator   Sir Clive Sinclair   British
1987  meningitis vaccine   Connaught Lab   American

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