FAMOUS INVENTIONS 1 : 105 - 1888

FAMOUS INVENTIONS 1 : 105 - 1888

Inventions get out into the world in different ways. Some are sold, licensed or given away as products or services. Simply exhibiting visual art, playing music or having a performance gets many artistic inventions out into the world. Believing in the success of an invention can involve risk, so it can be difficult to obtain support and funding. Grants, inventor associations, clubs and business incubators can provide the mentoring, skills and resources some inventors need. Success at getting an invention out into the world often requires passion for it and good entrepreneurial skills. In economic theory, inventions are one of the chief examples of "positive externalities", a beneficial side-effect that falls on those outside a transaction or activity. One of the central concepts of economics is that externalities should be internalized-unless some of the benefits of this positive externality can be captured by the parties, the parties will be under-rewarded for their inventions, and systematic under-rewarding will lead to under-investment in activities that lead to inventions. The patent system captures those positive externalities for the inventor or other patent owner, so that the economy as a whole will invest a more-closely-optimum amount of resources in the process of invention (source: wikipedia.org)

Part 1 list of famous inventions

This is part 1 of a list of famous inventions between 105 and 1888

  • 105  paper   Ts'ai Lun   Chinese
  • 1250  magnifying glass   Roger Bacon   British
  • 1447  movable type   Johann Gutenberg   German
  • 1590  2-lens microscope   Zacharias Janssen   Dutch
  • 1608  telescope   Hans Lippershey   Dutch
  • 1709  piano   Bartolomeo Cristofori   Italian
  • 1714  mercury thermoemter   Gabriel D. Fahrenheit   German
  • 1780  bifocal lenses for glasses   Benjamin Franklin   American
  • 1785  parachute   Jean Pierre Blanchard   French
  • 1795  modern pencil   Nicolas Jacques Conte   French
  • 1800  electric battery   Alessandro Volta   Italian
  • 1807  steamboat   Robert Fulton   American
  • 1819  stethoscope   Rene T.M.H. Laennec   French
  • 1827  matches   John Walker   British
  • 1829  steam locomotive   George Stephenson   British
  • 1831  lawn mower   Edwin Budding & John Ferrabee   British
  • 1834  refrigeration   Jacob Perkins   British
  • 1837  telegraph   Samuel F.B. Morse   American
  • 1842  anesthesia (ether)   Crawford W. Long   American
  • 1845  rotary printing press   Richard M. Hoe   American
  • 1846  sewing machine   Elias Howe   American
  • 1851  cylinder (door) lock   Linus Yale   American
  • 1852  elevator   Elisha G. Otis   American
  • 1867  typewriter   Christopher L. Sholes, Carlos Glidden & Samuel W. Soule   American
  • 1876  telephone   Alexander G. Bell   American
  • 1877  microphone   Emile Berliner   American
  • 1877  phonograph   Thomas A. Edison   American
  • 1879  first practical electric light bulb   Thomas A. Edison   American
  • 1885  bicycle   James Starley   British
  • 1885  motorcycle   Gottlieb Daimler   German
  • 1886  dishwasher   Josephine Cochran   American
  • 1888  ballpoint pen   John Loud   American
  • 1888  portable camera   George Eastman   American

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